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Soo Jin Lee (SooJin) is an independent Graphic Designer from Seoul, South Korea. She lived in the US for five years studying at the California Institute of the Arts, where she gained a BFA in Graphic Design in 2016.

SooJin likes to explore digital arts, and her technique keens towards both digital and physical experiences. But let’s better understand what this means. She mainly uses Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Photoshop to finalize her artworks. Currently, she is also studying the idea to deepen cinema4D for 3D object elements to create better digital experiences.

Replica, 2019

Replica, 2019

Replica, 2019


What drives SooJin to make art is the urge to reimagine and reinterpret her surroundings with an anti-capitalist lens. This is also the main topic behind Replica, her ultimate series of artworks. The idea behind the project is that signs, labels, and banners from everyday life can be reinterpreted, and made into memes (partially) through mischievous visual alterations. She absorbs and gets inspiration by street and building signs and advertising. These are then often reused into her art pieces, combined with her sharp sarcasm. She says: “I want viewers to feel intrigued by my work. I wish then to find similarities yet differences with their daily routine and everyday objects. At the same time, I hope to induce a sort of conflict with their habits.”

This is for sure, an ambitious and sensitive aim for an artist which has been working for only three years in this creative field. She tells Hue&Eye her need to develop more as an independent and multidisciplinary designer to deliver and create better digital experiences. “I would love to develop my current project Replica more into an interactive piece of work. Other than that, I have a few motion poster-works in process. I am still learning and trying, so it’s exciting to see how they are going to end.”


Replica, 2019

Replica, 2019

SooJin is currently working as a freelance Graphic Designer for various brands, with a specialty in Illustration Marketing. As marketing material requests usually include creating a business pitch deck and social media collaterals, she also occasionally work with web or app design.

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